Thank You for Inventing “Anniversary”!

Anniversary can be about anything, both good and bad. What I mean here is the anniversary of something we want to celebrate – the happy anniversary!Kiss

Yes, I just celebrated 15th wedding anniversary yesterday!  It was simply a nice meal at a fancy restaurant. The food was delicious. The drinks were nice. The mood was perfect. I was so happy – overjoyed!

Suddenly, I felt grateful for whoever invented wedding anniversary!  It was such a genius way to remind you of the bliss you felt when you got married to the guy. It’s not that you forgot the love and happiness you’ve had with him, but, being consumed in daily grind, you simply just don’t think about it that much.  The nice things you do for each other have become a routine.  You then stop feeling so grateful for those things at the receiving end.

Then the anniversary comes to save the day.  A year is already too long to not think about the love for this person we hold dear to our heart.  The one we made a vow to spend the rest of our life with, through good and bad times.  The influence he has over our physical, mental, and emotional health.

The anniversary helps remind us about our history – how we met, fell in love, and made the decision to live happily ever after.  Of course, life is not a fairy tale and there are lots of good and bad times after that day, but those times suddenly seem insignificant on the wedding anniversary except for creating even stronger bond between the two individuals.  The focus is the wedding time and the peak of passion we felt on that day.

I know this may not be true for all couples and please excuse me if I make it sound so overrated!   Even for myself, some anniversaries were better than the others.  Yet, the common things among all my anniversaries is I know I would make special effort to do good to my husband.  To really feel the love that’s there.  To look at him and see the soulmate in him, rather than just a “husband”.  Then I always realise how lucky I am that it doesn’t take that much of an effort to summon up the romantic memories and the loving sentiment with the guy.

So now I’m joyfully sitting here sharing my wedding anniversary bliss to you…not entirely to boast about it…haha…yes, a little, to be honest…but more to remind you to turn to the guy next to you and see someone you love, and not just someone you’re with.  Then you may feel you’re luckier than you thought…like me…today!

P.S. Yes, please forget those days when you just want to kill him literally!  Just forget it for one day!  ;-b