Playing to Your Strengths

This past week was the week of learning for me! I have’t done this much studying/training in…umm…I think 14 years since I graduated my Masters.

The week began with 4 days of intense training to become an MBTI certified practitioner, starting from 8:45 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. with lots of lecturing, case studies, and homework! I was so physically exhausted every day but, at the same time, surprisingly felt great and emotionally energised! I didn’t know it was possible for your body and mind to go in opposite directions but mine just did.


I had one day rest and then attended a 2-day wedding cake class. Totally different subject, right? Haha…I wouldn’t imagine all these happened in one week but they just did! Another thing I didn’t expect was for the wedding cake class to even be more exhausting!!

I imagined a friendly atmosphere where you just did your handcraft, some chitchatting…everything so nice and relaxing! My Gosh, I was right except the relaxing part! Two days were hardly enough for so many skills that you learned, starting from covering your 3-tier cake with fondant. Then you prepared parts of theΒ sugar flowers, which were soooo detailed. You also needed quite a number of flowers for the whole cake.

photo 2

I headed home that day with a nasty pain on my right bicep. So hungry, so tired, so blurry-eyed from concentrating on the flower details. By the way, the class started from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. We just couldn’t finish everything earlier than that.

photo 1

The next day started off with what seemed like a much lighter day. Β We assembled the flowers and painted them. I couldn’t imagine how rush we had to be toward the end. The flowers took so much time. Then we had to hand-paint the cake with royal icing and decorate it with our flowers. I hated rushing through art work, but when I looked at the finished cake, I can’t help feeling so proud of what I have accomplished in such a short period of time.

photo 3

Besides all the knowledge and skills I have acquired this week, the most important lesson I learned is,

“When you work to your strength, or do something you love, no matter how hard it is, you still come out of it with positive energy…happiness, pride, and joy…”

photo 4

The next logical step is probably trying to get some return on investment on all those trainings…hahaha… That really does’t sound too joyful for me… πŸ˜›

Please share with me when was the last time you learned something new and felt really energised, excited, motivated, etc., and what the effects of such learning to your mind and body? Β