Easy Daisy How-to

In preparation for my big girl’s birthday cake, I chose to make some daisies as they were very easy yet quite cute on any kind of cakes.  So, here’s just the very simple steps how I made them.  Enjoy!

Daisy Tools

To make the daisies, I used a daisy cutter/emboss set, a non-stick rolling pin, ball tools, a small spatula, a foam pad, and a non-stick working surface.

photo 5

Daisy How-to

1. Roll out the white the gum paste until about 1-2 mm thick.

photo 1

2. Lightly tap the cutter with cornstarch and press on the rolled gum paste.

photo 2

3. Gently pull out the cut gum paste from the cutter.

photo 3

4. Use the ball tool to thin out and slightly curve each petal on the foam pad.

photo 4

5. Dry each flower on a curvy surface to set the shape.

photo 1-1

6. Roll yellow gum paste in to a small ball.

photo 2-1

7. Flatten the ball on a rough surface to make it look like small stamen.

photo 3-1

8. Stick the yellow stamen on the center of the flower and let dry.

photo 1-2  photo 2-2

Daisies alone wouldn’t do to complete my cake.  So, I also made some leaves to go with them.

Leaf Tools

Additional tools needed to make the leaves included leave cutters and a leaf veiner.  I wanted long leaves but unfortunately, I didn’t have any long veiner.  I just had to make use of what was available.

photo 3-2

Leaf How-to

1. Roll out green gum paste until about 1-2 mm thick and cut with leaf cutter.

photo 4-2

2. Smooth and sharpen the edges with the ball tool.

photo 5-2

3. Put the top part of the leaf on the veiner and press.

photo 2-3

4. For the rest of leaf, you cannot use both sides of the veiner at the same time but have to press with your fingers one side at a time.

photo 1-3  photo 3-3

5. Dry the leaves on curvy surface to create the shapes you want.

photo 4-3

Now here’s the pictures of my finished two-tiered Banana Cake with Mascarpone frosting.  The frosting was much too soft to hold the decoration in place in our hot weather but long enough for everyone to enjoy the cake cutting.  Happy Birthday, my dear Tasha!  😀

photo 1-4 photo 2-4 photo 4-4


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