Coral Charm Peony How-to


I just saw a similar gum paste peony from Pinterest and wanted to try making one myself. I came up with this easy how-to, which did not result in a very natural-looking flower but a satisfactory version, considering the time and effort. Hope you have fun making an edible flower, like I do.



photo 1

Light green gum paste
Light coral gum paste or any color that you want for your petals
18 pieces of wire
Non-edible ready-made yellow stamen
Drop cookie cutter
Rolling pin
Rolling board
Foam board
Ball tools
Roller cutter
Floral tape


1. Bend an end of a wire into a hook. Repeat with 3 wires in total.

photo 6
2. Make a droplet from green gum paste to cover the hook. Make a straight line on the droplet.

photo 3   photo 4
3. Roll out the orange gum paste into a thin sheet and cut 15 petals.
4. Insert a wire into the center of each petal.

photo 5
5. Sharpen the edge of the petals with a big ball tool and create ruffles with a small ball tool. Let all parts dry at least 1 hour or overnight.

photo 2-1   photo 1-1
6. Put together the 3 green stamen with floral tape, then put the yellow stamen on the outside.

photo 3-1   photo 5-1
7. Adding the petals one by one, securing with floral tape, to create a natural looking peony.

photo 4-1   photo 2


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