Me and My Nothing-like-beansprouts Projects

Don’t you just wish everything can grow as fast as bean sprouts?

My little girl just got a homework to grow some bean sprouts.  While observing the daily change of the “homework”, I can’t help but wish everything we have to grow or develop are like these little green thing.  I cannot think of any other kinds of plant that can grow this easily with minimal nurture and all.  Will it be nice if our kids can grow up so fast with minimal attention required?  Will it be good to see our projects, business, or any kind of work grow over night and reach its fruition so quickly.  I mean it’s only 3 days and you’ll have some nice organic bean sprouts to eat.  Plus, it’s sooooo hard to go wrong.  You just leave them there with enough water and light and you will definitely get them growing!!


These changes actually happened in only less than 4 days!

Well, to be honest, if I think carefully about my own questions, I would have to say no, it won’t be nice if everything grows so easily and quickly like bean sprouts.

Even though it requires a lot of hard work, sacrifice, patience, and all the resources you can imagine, it’s the process of growing or developing someone or something that is meaningful…both to them and to ourselves.  If they are all like bean sprouts, it’ll take away the fun, the pain, and the gain from it all.  Then what’s the point when everything is dead easy?

So, let’s just appreciate our abilities, and all the opportunities we have, to grow and to make things happen…important and meaningful things for our lives and others’…and wish that not too many elements will go wrong in the process!

Now please wish me luck for these two mega projects I’ve been developing for 12 years…


and for the new baby business that I just get started…


all with lots of love and passion…and joy!


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