Farewell to Cupcake Carousel

There is a saying in Thai, “No party never comes to an end.”

It’s time for me, again, to close a chapter of life and move on with a new side step but still toward the same old passion, i.e., the beauty of cake decorating.

Due to our personal obligations and directions in life, my partner and I, who founded and have been managing Cupcake Carousel together for almost 8 years now, have decided to go separate ways in business, but certainly not in our friendship. While I guess her strengths lie in restaurant management and sales, backed up with extensive experience in the industry, I prefer the production side and always love to get my hands on the actual decorating myself. Therefore, in this transition, I would continue to do what I love…in my own small, personalized, and manageable ways.

However, this blog is not about the new direction but a tribute to Cupcake Carousel and our fun in creating, nurturing…with falling downs, getting ups, and jumping arounds in the process…until now putting it to rest. The decision is hard and so sad for me personally but I know it is the most practical and realistic one.

So…I’d like to thank my partner for going through this unforgettable and most valuable chapter of my life with me and wish her a great success in whatever she decides to pursue in her personal and career life. Thank you, all friends and family who have been our great support. Thank you, all our current and former employees who were certainly an important part that made all these happened. And last but not least, thank you, all valued customers who have made it possible for us to be where we are.

25570602-155024-57024567.jpg    25570602-155024-57024990.jpg

25570602-155024-57024769.jpg   25570602-155025-57025203.jpg   25570602-155025-57025381.jpg

At least this party ended with long, good memories that I’ll cherish forever.

Now I must organize a new party on my own. Please stay tuned to my blog and social media channel for your invitation soon!


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