Policewoman Figurine How-to

When I first accept orders for gum paste human figurines, I recalled the customers would have only a few expectations, e.g., gender, hair style/colour, and clothing items.  Now when they see that I can follow their instructions, they seem to come back with more and more specifications, e.g., posture and even characteristics.  They would send me the photo of the person they want my figurine to look like and ask me to make it as close to that photo as possible.  Hmm…not that I don’t want to serve my customer well, but sometimes they just have to understand that it’s handcraft, meaning what it looks like depend 100% on my capability!  Anyway, I always try my best and always end up taking way too long to make a figurine than I should!   ;-P

Anyway, I just recently made a Thai policewoman figurine for a customer.  I don’t know how to make a tutorial for it as it’s a very long process and I am not equipped for a VDO tutorial yet.  So, I am going to show you in some sort of step-by-step photos instead.  After all, if you have a chance to make a gum paste figurine, too, you’ll understand that how you do it, i.e., sculpting the gum paste into specific shapes, depends totally on your own skills and style.  Here’s just how I did it.  Enjoy!

1. Shaping the calf and foot.


2. Putting a shoe on.


3. Shaping the skirt (hip and thigh).


4. Gluing the legs to the skirt.


5. Shaping the shirt (torso).


6. Adding details to the uniform.


7. Shaping the arm and hand.


8. Gluing the arms to the body.


9. Shaping the head and face.


10. Adding the hair.


10. Drawing the face…Done!



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