What’s your idea for the best ‘congrats’ gift?


What would you buy/give to your best friend’s grand opening of her new restaurant/business?

The typical gift for Thai, or probably in other parts of the world as well, would be a lovely, big bouquet.  But won’t that be a little bit unoriginal?  No offense here, but I just wanted to give her something that was actually ‘from me’.  Something that she could just see and identify it with me.

Since I’m a cake decorator, I decided to go for the floral-themed cupcakes.  And, since I should give her some flowers anyway, so why not giving her the edible ones!  The only thing that makes it not such a good idea was that she was opening a dessert bar, and it might look a bit funny to get some dessert for a dessert bar.  Well, I’d been debating with myself for a long while and, as I really couldn’t come up with a better idea, I decided to go for it…with the excuse for myself that it’s not just a dessert, it’s well-decorated box of cupcakes!  Hmm..


I was not sure how she felt about it, but she would be kind enough not to tell me how ridiculous the idea was if she really felt so.  Anyway, I did enjoy making these cupcakes a lot.  At least one of us were happy, right?

I would love to hear from you what would be your gift of choice in this kind of situation?  Perhaps I need to borrow your ideas for my next event!  😉





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