Gum Paste Frangipani How-to


I know I’m nowhere near being an expert in gum paste flowers.  This is not to teach you but to share with you how I made the gum paste frangipani today.

Frangipani is one of my favourite flowers, with its minimal form and light fragrant.  I just love the way it gives such an elegant yet humble and feminine feeling.

So…here’s how I made this lovely flower today… Image


1. Cut the rolled-out gum paste into 5 drop-shaped petals.


2. Sharpen the edge of each petal.  Give some texture to it and use a toothpick to roll up the left edge.


3. Put the petals together into a fan shape.


4. Round up the 5 petals into a cone shape, overlapping the first and the last petals.  Close up the bottom part and cut out the excess gum paste.


5. Adjust the flowers into desired form then let dry.


6. Colour the dried flower with yellow and plum dust.  Done!!

Easy, isn’t it?

Making the frangipani was just a lovely way to spend my afternoon.  It’s just easy and relaxing enough, and you can’t be too wrong with the end result!

I’d really love to hear about your favourite flowers and, if you are crafters (not necessarily cake decorators), what kind of flowers do you like to make the most?  


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