I’ve opened up a whole new side of my sweet world!


I know it’s time to upgrade my sugar craft skills!

I’ve been practicing moulding and sculpting my fondant and gum paste from scratch and so far been happy satisfactory with my development, considering no formal lessons have been taken at all.  Yet, I know I should not stop here.  Lately, the skills have plateaued out a little bit.  I’ve been doing quite the same things, either cartoon characters or figurines, over and over and it has become less challenging and a bit less fun.




One of my first gum paste figurines back in July 2013


A work early this year

I know I can get by with these skills for my Cupcake Carousel shop.  Yet, I’m sure there must be some ways to get better at this.  To be more professional-like.  To be able to say, not only, “I can do it,” but instead, “I’m good at it.”  To bring back the feeling of excitement and pride again.

So, I began searching for ideas to take it to another level and found that delicate sugar flowers may be the answer!!  I saw exquisite work by professional cake decorators around the world and was soooo in awe of their skills, creativity, and sense of style.  Well, honestly, I don’t aim to be at that level, but I would certainly want to explore the path.

I then searched for available classes in my area (i.e. Bangkok, Thailand) and found one lovely teacher whose work looks as exquisite as what I found on those websites.  I contacted her and took a 2-day class to make (what she claimed to be) three of the most complicated gum paste flowers.  This may not sound like the right step to take going right at the top of the difficulty index but she assured me that her first time students made it before.  So, I psyched myself up for the class thinking, “I’ve been doing some children-friendly stuff before, right?  Why wouldn’t I be able to do it?

I know I’m not good at it yet but the only thing I’m sure of is I enjoyed every minute of the class.  It’s definitely what I love to do.  It definitely brings back the excitement and the pride again!  I’ve never known this terrain existed in my world.  But now that I’ve discovered it, I will spend much more time exploring this fun side of the world!


Fringe Peony before colouring



Persian Buttercups and an Orchid


If any of you are kind enough to share with me on what you think about my new found territory?  (I know it may be an old terrain for some of you!)  Is it worth continuing, judging from these pictures?


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